Are Your Prepared?

You made it safely to the hospital. Your wife is in labor and you made it there in great time. What’s next? Next you have to be prepared for the baby’s life. That all begins with the car seat. What do you send your child home in for the very first ride of their life? We asked 100 fathers of newborn children what kind of car seat they purchased, and 79% said they purchased an Evenflo Tribute brand car seat. Of that 79% 48% of those men purchased the Convertible Car Seat Evenflo Tribute LX. So what made the majority of men we asked get this specific car seat?

The Evenflo brand has been working tirelessly for years to create the safest name brand they can for child products. They have done countless test as well as product testing with real parents. They strive to only put out products they can stand behind, and in doing so have become a popular brand among parents.

The Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible car seat is one that will not only last your child’s life in a car seat, but it will also come with a warrantee. When purchasing the car seat ask your local distributor about the warrantee policy and how you can secure your child even if something happens. Once you have the car seat you are ready to meet your wife at the hospital and meet your new bundle of joy. You can walk in their confidently knowing that in the car your child will be safe. While you might not know what on earth you are doing the first few weeks as a parent, at least you will not have to worry about their safety going from place to place. The Evenflo brand has got your back and is excited for you to start the next phase of your journey.