Why I Love Being Single.

Someone commented anonymously on another post and referred to my lifestyle of dating while maintaining no real attachments as a failure. I love being single. I don’t view it as failing at dating. Yes, I go on dates. I love dating, but I’m no hurry to find my soulmate. Sure, I have other reasons for being single, but the following list explains the reasoning behind my love affair with, well, myself.

First dates. Second and third dates are great, but nothing beats the magic of a really good first date. I love the nervousness before, the mystery during, and the giddiness you feel after it goes well. There’s always that moment about halfway through the night when he looks at you and it becomes blatantly obvious that he likes you. Who cares if it doesn’t work out, for now, you like him and he likes you. The feeling during this moment is incredible.

Secret single behavior. Every girl has quirks that seem normal to her and completely bizarre to others. I have a bad habit of waking up and checking my phone at 2 AM. And 3 AM. And sometimes 4 AM. I am a horrible bitch in the morning before I have coffee. I listen to awful music at full blast while I shower. Sometimes I stay up all night watching 80s movies in my underwear. All of this while single? Totally okay!

Never having to compromise. I am one of those people that always says “you choose!” when you ask where we should grab dinner. I don’t care if I sleep on the left or right side of the bed. I’m indecisive and prefer others to make choices so that I don’t have to. However, sometimes I actually like getting my way. I like to decide that I will go to X place with Y person on Z night and I enjoy that there is no one to argue with me about this.

Kissing someone new. That first makeout session with a new guy? AWESOME. You are suddenly teenagers again, clawing at each other at every possible moment. He pushes you up against a wall outside of your favorite dive bar after your second date, completely ignoring the strangers that walk past. And after a few weeks, when he sleeps over at your place and meets your roommate, you spend most of the night making out on the couch. It’s new and it’s fun and there’s nothing better.

Never feeling guilty. I am a giver. I like to make other people happy. When I’m dating someone, I have a tendency to drop everything and rearrange my life for them. When I’m single, I don’t have to. I can work 60 hours per week, go to countless dinners and parties and charity events, wake up in the morning and hop on a bus to New York, or simply never leave my apartment. I can do whatever I want and not have to apologize for it.

There are times when I miss having a boyfriend around, usually when I have to carry a lot of heavy groceries, something electronic breaks, or I have a new piece of furniture to put together. Oh, and of course, consistent sex would be nice. But I’m happy with how things are now. It’s healthy to be alone and to not need someone else to define you. When someone comes along who enhances my life, I’ll embrace it, but until then I’m refusing to settle just to please others or get a ring on my finger before 30. I’m 25 years old and I’m going to enjoy every bit of it the way I want to.

- Suzie Robb

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