I Can’t Wait For Election Day.

Living in DC means you are constantly surrounded by politics. It’s inescapable. For the most part, it’s something to be proud of. You can leave your overpriced English basement, hop on a Capital Bikeshare bike and within minutes you’re at the Lincoln Memorial, staring up at Abe with the reflecting pool behind you and you are proud to call DC your home. Then you head over to the nearest bar, sip on a DC Brau and have a friendly conversation with the bartender about what the First Lady wore to a state dinner the night before.

During election season, DC turns into something else completely. Every one has a political opinion and they want you to know about it. People turn into, well, assholes. A conversation can start with “so did you watch the debate last night?” and end with two people absolutely seething, practically foaming at the mouths as they spew profanities, shocked that they could be talking to someone so idiotic. You can’t take the Metro, have a drink at a bar, even grab lunch with a coworker without it turning into an argument about politics. Even worse is when two people agree with each other and gang up on anyone who dares to chime in on the conversation. DC becomes a sea of stressed out, opinionated jerks.

Tomorrow is Election Day. Everyone that hasn’t already voted will head out to their polling place first thing in the morning and proudly wear their “I Voted” sticker to the office. After we’ve all had the chance to have our say, we’ll have four years with Mitt Romney or four more years of Barack Obama. Despite the current projections, none of us can’t predict who will win the election. All we truly know is that we have four years of sanity in DC before we go back to being psychos. Go forth and vote, just try not to be a dick about it.

- Suzie Robb

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