Official Election Night Drinking Game

After months of campaigning it’s finally here. I hope everybody got to vote already. If not, go out there and vote! Then grab yourselves some drinks tonight and watch those states light up Red and Blue while playing our official Election Night Drinking Game. Enjoy!

One drink…
When anyone mentions…Ohio – Pivotal – Sandy – Battleground – Unemployment.
For every state of which polls are still open when the winner is announced (and then order a shot).
When they cut to a live shot at a campaign headquarter or a voting station.

Two drinks…
Someone says “Too close to call.”
Any reports of protesters at voting polls or anybody being arrested at the polls.
A commentator tries to do “hypothetical” math of electoral votes.
Any mention or allusion to the 2000 Florida Recount.
If someone speculates that a winner may not be determined until tomorrow.
If a commentator talks about what either candidate is doing while waiting for the results.

Finish your drink…
The winner is announced before 10PM EST.
The winner is NOT announced before 11:59PM EST.
If any state is called too early and its result is flipped.
Ronald Reagan.

Take a shot to celebrate/grieve…
When the winner is announced.


- Eric Wang

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