Why We Love The Pig.

The Pig
1320 14th St NW (between N Rhode Island Ave & N N St) Washington, DC

Pigs are having a moment. Unfortunately for them, the moment ends with them wrapped around another animal product and served up on a platter to hungry patrons that have probably already devoured several of that pig’s brothers and sisters. But whatever, if they didn’t want to be eaten, they shouldn’t have been born so delicious.

Lately, nose-to-tail restaurants have been become popular, particularly in the DC metro area. First we had Green Pig Bistro in Clarendon, which is delicious, but seriously lacking in the pork department. Not long after the opening of our beloved Green Pig, came along another little piggy. This time located in DC proper, Logan Circle to be exact, and offering up a truly pork-centric menu. Aptly named: The Pig.

I went to The Pig on a Thursday at 7pm sans reservations. The restaurant was packed, but luckily my fellow pork-loving date had snagged us two seats at the bar. The bar was roomy enough for us to sit without being on top of each other and a prime spot for people watching, however I was not pleased with the constant crowd behind us. Loads of uppity broads asking for cocktail menus and mulling over their options while kicking our bar stools and snapping their gum. Bitches.

Note: make reservations and sit at a table. Less bitches that way.

The menu is small plates based. I like this because then I can try everything without eating massive serving sizes. We ended up ordering four items: charred belly (hazelnut-apple hash, cider glace), carolina smoked BBQ (pulled pork, mac & cheese with truffle crust), wild boar ragu (pappardelle, pecorino), bacon potato salad (lardons, shallots). Of the items, the charred belly stood out most. It literally melted in your mouth. I probably could’ve ordered 5 plates of that. The bacon potato salad and mac & cheese were notable, specifically that the potato salad was served warm (German stlyle) and was loaded with bacon. LOADED WITH BACON. And the mac & cheese had a truffle crust on top that just…ugh, I can’t even talk about it. AMAZING. The ragu was awful, just a bizarre almost sour flavor to it (although my partner in crime would say otherwise as he devoured it). Finally. The smoked BBQ. It was served up Carolina style with a nice spicy kick. I can’t even talk about all of this without salivating.

The entire meal was a pork-lovers dream. A bacon-wrapped piece of heaven. A delectable cornucopia of pig

Four plates was far more than two people needed to eat in one sitting. The bartenders were attentive and made sure that we always had everything we needed. They didn’t turn their nose up special requests (date had a weird thing about cheese, don’t ask, I regret asking) and seemed happy to be serving us rather than the previously mentioned uppity bitches. By the time we were done with dinner, we had no desire to stick around for another drink. The bar felt crowded, people breathing down our neck to snag our spots.

Hopefully given time, the excitement of a new restaurant will die off and the bar scene will calm down. In the meantime, I suggest only popping in for dinner — the food is worth it — then heading to nearby ChurchKey for after-dinner drinks. Or perhaps, saunter on down to Logan Tavern. The bar has been infusing Bulleit with vanilla. Nothing better than bourbon served to you in a mason jar.

- Suzie Robb

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